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Hospital by the hill is a book for children and young people bereaved by the COVID-19 pandemic. We are making the book available for free, for these target individuals in the UK. To receive your coupon code for the free book please contact us using the navigation page above or email us at 

We have also made the book available to purchase. 100% of the profits made on these books is going directly back into production and or support of young and vulnerable children.  

Note from the Author

Writing about death is hard.

Talking about it can be even harder. 

It's always hard and horrible to deal with the death of someone you love, to lose someone who loved you. 

In Fay's pictures, the person looks like a nurse, but your loved one could be an office worker, a cleaner or a journalist. They might be a waiter, a teacher or anyone else who is special to you. They will always be loved. 

Whoever you are thinking about, I hope this story helps make some of the hard and horrible stuff a bit easier. 

Love and care

Chris Connaughton

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